Our Mission, Visions and Values

 Realization of a society beyond Dementia.

 We make a society where dementia is treatable and can old age people enjoy the life.
 We make a society where people use a diagnostic kit for dementia to select their social activities.

・We socially implement research results on the mechanism of memory.
・We develop a simple blood diagnostic method that can evaluate cognitive symptoms.
・We treat dementia by developing drugs that prevent drebrin depletion and increase synaptic resilience.

Public support

1.Our company has been adopted as a research and development environment improvement support project in Tokyo.

2.Our company has been selected for the acceleration program of the Tokyo Metropolitan Restart Entrepreneur Support Project (TOKYO Re: STARTER).


CEO Tomoaki Shirao

After graduating from Gunma University School of Medicine, Dr. Shirao (MD) obtained a PhD degree in 1984 for the discovery of the actin-binding protein drebrin.

After working as an assistant professor at Gunma University School of Medicine, a researcher at Cornell University School of Medicine, an assistant professor at the National Institute of Physiology (NIPS), and an associate professor at Keio University, he became a full professor at Gunma University in 1993.

He has served as Vice President of Gunma University, Director of Heavy Ion Medical Promotion Organization, President of International Society, President of NPO Bioforum, Member of Science Council of Japan, etc., and became COEr of AlzMed,Inc. from 2020.

He is still one of the world leaders in the study of molecular mechanisms of memory.


NPO Bioforum

International Society of Radiation Neurobiology

Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine Department of Neurobiology and Behavior


Speciall Lecutre:Fourty year's research of Drebrin and its future. (YouTube)




Company Profile
  • AlzMed, Inc. was established in 2019.
    We aim to implement the research results of the memory control function of the protein molecule "Drebrin" discovered by Tomoaki Shirao (President, Special Professor of Gunma University) in order to overcome Alzheimer's disease.

    For the first year after its establishment, we mainly worked to support the patenting of Drebrin research results.

    After Shirao became the representative director in 2020, he has been engaged in full-scale research and development activities in the diagnostic and drug discovery businesses at the Entrepreneur Lab, Division of University Corporate Relations, The University of Tokyo.

  • Company name
       AlzMed, Inc.

  • President
      Tomoaki Shirao

  • Address
      Zip code : 113-8485
      Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Japan,Entrepreneurs laboratory UT South building
  • Establishment
      February 27, 2019