We aim to discover drugs for the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Speciall Lecutre:Fourty year's research of Drebrin and its future.

Our CEO Tomo's last special lecuture

Past and future of "drebrin"(Sorry, only in Japanese. English version will be open soon.)

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July 6, 2021

We attended the HVC KYOTO2021 to haveapitch presentation.


January 15, 2021

The collaborative study including our CEO Dr. Shriao will be published in Taiwanese J Psychiatl.
Ikeda K, Ide S, Omoe H, Minami M, Miyata H, Kawato M, Okamoto H, Kikuchi T, Saito Y, Shirao T, Sekino Y, Murai T, Matsumoto T, Iseki M, Nishitani Y, Sumitani M, Takahashi H, Yamawaki S, Isa T, Kamio Y. "Required research activities to overcome addiction problems in Japan."

November 13, 2020
Professor Yumiko Saito in Hiroshima University published our collaborative study in the Neurochemistry International.
The title is "Properties of primary cilia in melanin-concentrating hormone receptor 1-bearing hippocampal neurons in vivo and in vitro".

October 26, 2020
We are selected as a support target for the R & D environment improvement support project in Tokyo.

September 25, 2020
We proceeded into the final stage of Tokyo Metropolitan Restart Entrepreneur Support Project (TOKYO Re: STARTER) .

September 4, 2020

We have signed a joint research agreement with Maebashi Institute of Technology, "Establishment of methods for collecting and preserving animal cells."

September 4, 2020

We have signed a joint research contract "High-throughput analysis of synaptic function" with the Graduate School of Medicine, Gunma University.

September 4, 2020
We have signed a joint research contract with Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine "Effects of radiation on synaptic morphogenesis"。


September 4, 2020
We have signed a joint research agreement with the Graduate School of Medicine, Gunma University, "Study of blood drebrin in cerebral white matter infarction model rats"


September 4, 2020
An interview article "Drebrin research that sheds light on the diagnosis and treatment of dementia" (in Japanese) has been posted. Please take a look.




August 28, 2020
FAQ about drebrin has been posted in R & D.

August 17, 2020
FAQ about Alzheimer's disease has beenposted in R&D. These are easily understandable explanation of materes related to Alzheimer's disease.

August 12, 2020
Our CEO Dr. Tomo Shirao has published a paper on the relationship between symptoms in patients with temporal lobe conversion and drebrin-positive synapses.

Dombroski TCD, Peixoto-Santos JE, Maciel K, Baqui MMA, Velasco TR, Sakamoto AC, Assirati JA, Carlotti CG, Machado HR, Sousa GK, Hanamura K, Leite JP, Costa da Costa J, Palmini AL, Paglioli E, Neder L, Spreafico R, Shirao T, Garbelli R, Martins AR. "Drebrin expression patterns in patients with refractory temporal lobe epilepsy and hippocampal sclerosis". Epilepsia. 2020 Jul 14. doi: 10.1111/epi.16595. Online ahead of print.PMID: 32662890